Seeking After Righteousness 

Matthew 5:6 Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

On a recent trip I took to Huckleberry country in Idaho, my tastebuds were satisfied with the delicious desire for something Huckleberry. You cannot visit Idaho without getting this desire met. Somehow when you get in the fresh mountain air your tastebuds start craving this mountain berry.  Craving. Seeking. And you cannot be satisfied until that juicy berry hits your tongue.

Does your mouth water for righteousness? Do you crave to have your soul satisfied with His Word?  Are you seeking each day to eat that morsel of truth your spiritual body needs?  Jesus said we can be filled and blessed if we do these things.  We can be satisfied and full in our soul with the good things of God! It does take some effort. We must sacrifice time and energy to seeking. Those huckleberries have to be painstakingly picked off of high mountain tops. They’re not always easy to obtain, but oh the joy when you find a good patch! And then to turn them into something scrumptious that satisfies that craving!  And so it is with righteousness. We must work hard to obtain the goodness of the Lord, but He promises that we shall be filled. I want to be filled, full to the brim with Gods goodness! Well… and anything Huckleberry!

This was a Monte Crisco sandwich with huckleberry topping courtesy of the Pie Hut in Sandpoint, Idaho. Now put that on your bucket list!

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