Tribute to a Godly father

July 10, 2017

Happy Birthday to my dad. 

I am so blessed to have been born to my father. I can not think of a more precious treasure than to have a dad like mine. My earliest memories are of him letting me ride on his back, playing horsey! As I think about that, I feel that playing that role as my horsey has helped me throughout my whole life! I couldn’t have asked for a more faithful steed, someone to be my spirited war horse but at the same time give me a gentle ride throughout my life – that is what he has purposed to do – and is still doing today. He has always been there with me in my ride through life!   One memory that sticks out above others was a Valentine’s Day long ago. I, in my mid 20’s, of course thought myself to be an old maid. Can you imagine what a supposed romantic old maid feels like on Valentines Day? Well, I went to work with a sad face, thinking I would never get to enjoy this holiday. Halfway through the day one of my co-workers came to me and said there was a man in the lobby with flowers who wanted to see me! I couldn’t believe it, and thought they were joking, as I ran to the lobby. There was my dad with bunches of flowers and chocolate! Wow! That was awesome. He took time out of his day to drive the 20 miles to my job just so he could cheer my heart! Now that’s a true dad, not only caring for me temporally, but knowing my heart as well!


Knowing people’s heart is what makes him a good pastor as well. His compassion and gift of giving of himself sacrificially are some of the attributes I admire most in my father. He really is a true example of living Christ like. I feel doubly blessed to have him as a pastor for most of my life. He has been so steadfast in the serving of others and God, that I am constantly inspired. What a great legacy he is leaving behind! I am grateful that my children have such a great example and will have a rich heritage because of him. That means more than words can say!

As I read all of these tributes from my family, my heart smiles of all the memories and for all the special attributes that my father possesses. I know I could have never asked for a better man to be my father. I will forever thank God for giving that gift to me. Happy 70th birthday, dad….I love you from sea to shining sea!


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